Want that beautiful svelte shape without the surgery or downtime? With Liposonix we can contour your physique without the need for invasive surgery…

Define your body by smoothing stubborn pockets of fat with our non-surgical solution to refining your shape; Liposonix. With this procedure we can tailor your body and provide you with confidence through our revolutionary and innovative technology.

Ideal candidates for the Liposonix procedure include those who are…

  • Time poor
  • In relatively healthy shape but desire to lose those last stubborn fat deposits
  • Desires a non-surgical option with fewer side effects and reduced downtime
  • Wishes to go down one dress size (2.5 cm)
  • Realistic about the outcome
  • Not pregnant

How Liposonix works…

Liposonix is something that Dr Nguyen offers personally to her patients. By using focused ultrasound technology our plastic surgeons will emulsify your fat cells (adipose tissue) so that they can be expelled from the body in the singular hour-long treatment. A complete reflection of the procedure will be noticeable from 8-12 weeks* as the body has to naturally expel the fat.

What to expect after treatment…

No hospital stay is generally required after this procedure; in fact most patients feel comfortable going straight home. You will still experience discomfort and some gentle bruising, however recovery time is drastically reduced compared to liposonix’s surgical counterpart liposuction which uses more invasive measures to gently suction out fat.

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