Without anything to compare to except airbrushed magazines, women are becoming confused as to what constitutes ‘normal’ labia…

This is why we at our female plastic surgery in Perth always emphasise that no two women are the same, and that every lady’s intimate area is different. If you are unhappy or embarrassed by the look or feel of your most feminine area, the labiaplasty procedure may be able to help you.

Women may be embarrassed by the appearance of their genitalia, particularly having large or asymmetrical labia minora (inner lips). This may cause women discomfort during intercourse, may protrude and rub on clothing or simply not look “right”.

What is a Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that involves reducing the labia minora or inner lips to achieve an aesthetically more pleasing shape and appearance.

Dr Nguyen understands that labiaplasty is a private and sensitive topic and can discuss the surgery with you in a sensitive manner at your consultation.

Did you know…? Many women refer to a labiaplasty as vaginal rejuvenation, the ‘designer vagina’, labioplasty and genital surgery! With many different names for the surgery, women can become confused as to what is involved. With every case Dr Nguyen will always sit with you to ensure you are comfortable about discussing your needs, so you can gain the best results.

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