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Achieve a sculpted brow appearance with minimal maintenance and no need for brow liners or powders!

Sculpted bold brows frame the eyes and improve your facial features. They can also create a more polished look, and with cosmetic tattooing you can achieve this without spending hours in front of the mirror. Feather Touch brows is a new tattooing system  which uses a minute needle to build up your own brows, creating a natural looking and semi-permanent result.

Feather Touch brows can achieve a number of things including:

  • Improve asymmetrical brows
  • Fill in sparse brows and any patches without hair
  • Define a natural looking arch/curve
  • Save you time spent in front of the mirror pencilling your brows
  • No need to spend money on frequent maintenance appointments

These reasons are why so many of our clients love Feather Touch brow tattooing.

Feather Touch brows before and after photos

feather-touch-1 feather-touch-2

Feather Touch brow FAQs

What is the cost of Feather Touch brows?

Feather Touch brows cost approximately $800 with the Dr Anh team. Touch-ups are significantly cheaper than this and cost approximately $250. Touch-ups are generally required about every 12-18 months depending on your skin’s response to the treatment. Always contact our team to find out about our most recent specials.

Can cosmetic tattooing be reversed?

Feather Touch brows are considered semi-permanent so they will fade over time. If you decide you do not want to retain your Feather Touch brow tattooing, it is recommended that you simply wait for your brows to fade, rather than attempt to reverse the treatment. You can rest assured that our beauty technician, Whitney, will strive to create the perfect brows for your unique facial features and will always select a natural colour and shape for you brows.

How long will Feather Touch brow tattooing last?

Generally maintenance for this treatment will be required every 12-18 months. However, your first treatment may fade faster depending on your skin’s reaction to the pigment in the ink. If you do require a touch-up, these are significantly more affordable compared to the price for your first application.

Feather Touch brows – eyebrow tattoo Perth

Here at our Perth Medispa and Wellness Clinic we perform this treatment in a luxury setting, located in the heart of the CBD. Our beauty therapist, Whitney, has a special interest in cosmetic tattooing and brow shaping, and she has made Feather Touch her trademark treatment here at the Dr Anh clinic.

With every client, Whitney aims to achieve a natural arch shape, the perfect brow colour and a natural appearance.

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