Light therapy with Healite involves the therapeutic use of LED lights to enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery. This treatment can improve healing time, relieve pain, treat active acne, temporarily increase the circulation of blood throughout the body and promote skin rejuvenation (Chukuka S. Enwemeka, P.T. PhD. 2004).

Healite advanced technology

The Healite utilises Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) which enables photomodulation to improve cellular function which increases healing times and relieves pain. Photomodulation simply means the manipulation of cells using LLLT therapy – and for this the Healite utilises LEDs. LEDs are used for their ability to deliver concentrated wavelengths of deep penetrating light, and with the Healite you can rest assured that the light can be effectively applied, eliminating the possibility of physical trauma and thermal damage.

Healite’s therapeutic outcome is maximised with the use of Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT) using the latest generation of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). 1800 of these advanced LEDs are used in the Healite system, providing concentrated light therapy to cells, organelles and targeted tissue in your body. The Healite system is advanced compared to other similar technologies, as it uses the highest quality LEDs available that disperse light evenly, with less light scattering. Light scattering of other systems may diffuse or improperly disperse the therapeutic energy which can affect the efficacy of treatment.

Fully adjustable for thorough treatment

Healite features a folding mechanism which is fitted with LEDs so that virtually any part of the body can be reached and treated. Dr Anh Nguyen may curve the Healite head so that as much surface area as possible can be treated. This is perfect when treating areas of the body such as the face or the legs, where a curved area must be treated.

Is there any down time with the Healite LLLT system?

Unlike some other laser treatments there is no downtime with this painless, relaxing, rejuvenating therapy treatment. The light energy will be absorbed by the cells beneath your skin so there will be virtually no noticeable effects of the treatment afterwards.

Visit Dr Anh Nguyen and her helpful team of clinicians today so that they can perform the Healite treatment on your area of concern. If you have recently undergone surgery with our team, please ask us about the Healite system and the benefits it provides.

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