Augmentation Rhinoplasty Perth WA

Different to the typical rhinoplasty, an augmentation rhinoplasty is used to build up the nose with fillers, grafts or nasal implants…

The augmentation rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure utilised to enhance the shape of the nose or alter its profile by adding implants or bone grafts for a stable result designed for longevity.

The implants come in different shapes and sizes and can be shaped to suit each individual nose. Alternatively it can be achieved using a rib graft, cartilage from the ear and or cartilage from the nasal septum. In some instances, a combination of implant and cartilage can be used to increase the side profile of the nose and the tip.

The advantages of using nasal implants…

Implants create a quicker and simpler operation that can be performed under local anaesthetic without the potential complications of using a donor site. The disadvantages of implants are that they are a foreign body that can become infected, extrude, migrate and distort and scar the overlying skin and weaken and distort the underlying nasal framework. When a serious nasal implant complication ensues such as infection or migration, it may require removal of the implant and complex nasal reconstruction.

The advantages of cartilage grafts…

Because cartilage grafts are the patient’s own native tissue, this means it is less likely to have foreign body reactions and infection. The disadvantages are that the surgery is much more complex, there is a donor site which has separate risks associated with it according to where the cartilage is harvested from, the recovery time is longer after this surgery and the cartilage may warp and revisionary work may be required.

A non-surgical option for a nose augmentation…

Using fillers to reshape the nose is known as a NON-SURGICAL RHINOPLASTY. A range of fillers can be used such as hyaluronic acid gels which last 9 – 18 months, calcium hydroxyapatite which may last up to 2-3 years or methylmethacrylate which lasts for a longer time frame. The advantage is that there is no donor site and can be performed quickly in the rooms and supplemented readily. The disadvantages of semi-permanent and permanent fillers are that they can cause foreign body granulomas that can appear at any stage during the life of the filler which need to be removed but can cause scarring and distortion of the nose.

It is important to be thoroughly assessed for your suitability for nasal reshaping the nose and that your surgeon discusses all of your options in detail. We will always keep you fully informed about your treatment, and Dr Nguyen will discuss what treatment will give you best results for your desired nose shape.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Perth

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